working creatively to support the transformation of conflict

The only way to resolve conflict is by facing it, by being right with it, right where the heart is in contact with itself.

Moving Conflicts' aim is to reduce conflict and move towards inner and outer Peace through a deep enquiry into and understanding of the root causes of inner and outer conflict. Our offer is created out of the Combatants for Peace model of working with and stepping into the shoes of the ‘other’ and humanising the enemy.

In Moving Conflicts we view conflict as a mirror from which there is infinite learning to be had. We teach that looking deeply into this mirror and embodying the essence of what we encounter, can and will transform the conflict and how we relate to it.  

We draw on; Drama Therapy, Movement Medicine, The Work that Reconnects, Creative Dialogue, Action Learning and Non Violent Communication techniques.  

The work of Moving Conflicts will benefit anyone who chooses to step through the gateways we offer. Our purpose is to create safe platforms and opportunities to take steps beyond the stuck narratives of conflict and its close allies - blame, fear, anger and separation. 

Moving Conflict is an opportunity to expand our awareness, to understand how conflict features in our and everyone’s lives and how we can become active participants in transforming the stories we tell about conflict.