Work with Boys and Men

At the age of 8 boys are taught that 'Big boys dont cry', they are taught to get on with doing what they can to succeed in the material world and in the process dumping the imaginary, the creative, the emotional terrains which they so freely occupied up until that point- as if there wasn't enough hormonal stuff to be dealing with at that early age. For some this seems natural and they are able to work through this confusing and at times damaging message but for others this message can become a shackle around their hearts in later life. These 8 year old boys grow up into Men, Men who have no idea of how important their hearts are and how vital it is to know this part of their anatomy, this part of thier identity. This sense of separating from something as essential as a connection to their hearts is a brutal event, an event that creates inner and later in life, outer conflict. These conflicts affect these men, those in close relation to them and the communities they are part of.

We offer group and individual interventions for men (Young and old)  as opportunities to unfreeze this part of them-selves.  We invite men on a journey of re-learning how to accept and  re-connect to their heart. Through talking, moving, being in nature and creating with other men we can rediscover some of our essence. Exploring how this sense of inner conflict has affected virtually every part of our lives so that we can learn how to re-tell this story of separation and conflict in ourselves, so we can participate in healing the conflicts that manifest in the world around us.

Ben Yeger, Director of Moving Conflicts has been working with Boys and Men since 2000. He was the Project co-ordinator of the Father Figures Project in Sheffield (2000-2006) and has delivered numerous projects with Young Men. He most recently delivered Talking Young men with Encounters Arts.

Ben offers a unique blend of  the creative and therapeutic, grounded in humour and a deep commitment to healing and empowering those who choose to take these journeys.