Trainings for those working in Conflict zones

In Moving Conflicts we have personal experience of both living in a conflict zone (Israel/Palestine) and of serving in the army as part of a complex conflict (Director, Ben Yeger served in the Israeli Army) Through this first hand experience combined with over 20 years of experience of training and facilitating we offer a training to workers who will be travelling to conflict zones which will deepen their understanding of their personal relationship to conflict.

We will enable participants to express their feelings and thoughts as they prepare to embark on this challenging work. We will support individuals and teams to find their inner resilience  and leadership through understanding the challenge they will face on the practical and personal levels. The training can be tailored to your organisational needs spanning from 2 hours to a series of trainings over a year. In all cases you can expect participants to come away with a deeper understanding of where they are starting, their own strengths and weaknesses and the needs they will have as they embark on the work. It will enhance the workforce and as a result the effectiveness of the organisations work within the particular conflict zones you work in.