Healing through Movement : embodying what we can

When we move, when we dance, we can transform most things. The opportunity to explore our relationship to conflict through Movement is a unique one and enables us to go deeply into the stories that our bodies hold.  Through the use of the myriad maps that Movement Medicine offers we can transform these stories from blocks to relationship into opportunities for change. The dance offers a safe and expansive container to dive deep, to be brave enough to take responsibilty and dare to change. We work with projection, with learning how to recognise that when we meet conflict in the mirrors that others provide for us- particularly in the dance, we can embody them and move them so that they change before our very eyes.

If you would like to organise any of the Movement Medicine journeys we offer, please drop us an email - ben@movingconflict.org and check the calendar of forthcoming workshops in 2018 and 2019.  Look forward to seeing you on a dance floor soon.

"Oh my goodness, what a fabulous weekend.  It was my first experience of Movement Medicine, after having done a fair bit of 5R, Shakti dance, etc in the past.  It was over and above by far the best therapeutic dancing experience I have ever had.  You both held the space with extraordinary grace, perception and humour.  I picked up your flyer whilst I was on another dance pilgrimage to the Hexagon just before Christmas.  My goodnes I am glad I did.  I am now hooked and will come back as soon as I possibly can.  It was totally wonderful, just wish there were clones of you in Lyme Regis!"                                                                                                                                                                                                               Jo Smith Oliver, Spirit of the DancingHeart Participant, Chartered Physiotherapist MCSP