Working with difference and disagreement in the workplace

Ask yourself- how does Conflict in your workplace get in the way of what you are trying to achieve? How much time do you spend dealing with disagreements and grievances between people in all parts of your workforce?

When there is any level of disagreement in the workplace it is most often resolved by HR and/or through line management supervision. This can be a sufficient way to keep things ticking over, making sure that the boat isn’t rocked too much. And it often leaves the disagreements and the differences underexplored or expressed. In Moving Conflicts we take another approach- we suggest that there is potential for growth in giving allocated time to taking a deeper and more creative exploration of the root causes of the disagreement (Which if underexplored could grow into conflict) so as to really move forward into a more productive way of working. Moving Conflicts will tailor a process to your particular needs and offer bespoke training to your workforce at all levels of operation (from shop floor to top management) With the express aim of increasing your capacity to achieve your aims as a business and sustain your achievement for the long run.