Ben Yeger : Transforming Conflict, Humanising the Enemy

Ben Yeger, Director of Moving Conflicts, has been engaged in a deep personal enquiry into conflict and its root causes for many years. He has lived with an inner conflict since a very early age and in the early 80s he served as a paratrooper in the Israeli Army, during the first Lebanon war.

Over 25 years of struggling with his own relationship with conflict, going through a complex and deep process, he has come to a better understanding of conflict and has managed to transform it, in himself and in relation to others.

In 2007 Ben joined Combatants for Peace, a movement of ex fighters, Israeli and Palestinian. Working together, non-violently to try and bring about change to the complex reality in Israel/Palestine. He is now the UK representative of CfP and responsible for nurturing the inner process of activists on both sides. Ben has undergone a personal transforming of his own relationship to Conflict and has found a way to humanise his own inner and outer enemies.

Moving Conflicts and its offer is created out of the CfP model of working with and stepping into the shoes of the ‘other’ and humanising the enemy and emerges out of Bens very personal transformation.