Ben Yeger : Dramatherapist, Consultant, Peaceworker

Israeli ex combatant
UK Rep of Combatant for Peace
State registered Drama Therapist
Group facilitator and Movement Medicine facilitator
Facilitator of Joanna Macys "The Work That Reconnects"

After serving in the Israeli army(83-86) Ben trained as an actor, a Clown, going on to direct over 20 Thetare productions. In 1987 he trained as a Drama and Movement Therapist, an action learning set Facilitator, a Movemnet Medicine Facilitator/Teacher and a Work that Reconnects Facilitator. Ben has been guiding people through one to one and group process for over 20 years. He has worked with excluded individuals and groups including Young Offenders, Children in care, men and fathers and people with severe mental health issues.

In his capacity as a facilitator of CfPs inner process he has worked with Palestinians under occupation and Israelis who have experienced the realities of war. He has been a Peace activist within the context of Palestine/Israel since 2007. 

Ben's commitment to looking deep into the darkest aspects of being human today and ability to do so with humour and honouring the fragility of the human experience make him unique in his approach to personal and collective transformation.