Milly Sinclair

Milly has been a facilitator, consultant and leadership coach in both corporate business and charities for over twenty years. She has run her own partnership consultancy, Creative Edge, for 15 years. Clients include Oxford University Press, Easyjet, UniCredit Bank, Oxfam and Tearfund. She has a theatre and psychotherapeutic background, doing an MA in Dramatherapy in 1997. She is a certificated systemic leadership coach. Milly is also a trustee of a peace activist charity called ‘Spirit of Peace,’ that works both with peacemakers in Israel/ Palestine and developing cross-cultural dialogue throughout the U.K.

She has supported many organisations and charities through systemic cultural change. For example:Oxford University Press: Milly has been working for Oxford University Press for over nine years now. She has done leadership development courses for them, looking particularly at managing pressure through a time of organisational change. Milly has been co-facilitating on Woman in Leadership Programmes, particularly in the city for large FTSE 100 companies.

 Nina Nisar

Is a strategist, facilitator and coach for Collaborative Innovation Processes, Leadership Development, Conflict Transformation and  Multistakeholder Engagement. Over the past 15 years, she has worked with political parties, NGOs, Foundations, the European Commission, Cities and Civil Movements in Europe, Afghanistan, India and Israel/Palestine. She is also a co-founder and creative director of “MADE IN afghanistan”, a social enterprise contributing to a strong, empowered and peaceful future of Afghanistan.



Sami Awad

Is the Executive Director of Holy Land Trust. At a young age Sami was influenced by the teaching of his uncle Mubarak Awad, the Palestinian activist who promoted nonviolent resistance to the occupation during the first Intifada (popular uprising) and was arrested and deported by the Israeli government for his peaceful / nonviolent activities. Through working with Mubarak, Sami was introduced to great leaders and visionaries of the global nonviolence movement; from Jesus to Gandhi to King.

Sami has engaged himself locally and globally promoting and engaging in nonviolence, healing and transformation. Holy Land Trust is committed to supporting, training and developing NVC in the Holy Land.