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Friday 7th June 2019

The wisdom of Truth - Berlin

Weekend workshop Friday 7 June - Sunday 9 June 2019

How we separate from others and how this creates conflict in our hearts

How we separate from aspects of our own true hearts and block our potential to be all we can be 

What is true right now and how can we move with this truth 

How to share our truth with others and tell our stories with authenticity

How speaking the truth that lives in our heart and sharing our personal story with others activates us to participate in changing our collective narrative

We will draw on Movement Medicine, Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects, Drama Therapy, story telling, play and ceremony to support this exploration.

This is an opportunity to move towards a deeper understanding of our relationship to conflict and step closer to our true selves and our potential for transformation.

Following on from the Elements and Wisdom of Conflict journeys.  The Wisdom of Truth is suitable for those who have already worked with Ben and for those who are taking the first step on this exploration.


“With you leading me I felt at home, free and safe.” Mili, Italy


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