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Friday 22nd September 2023

Heart of Brothers - Mens Group - Budapest, Hungry


 Why dance within a group of men?

What difference could this make?

How might this change reach beyond just us?

If you are interested in these questions then read on.....

This embodied journey is an invitation for brothers to get real, to free ourselves from posturing, performing and overdoing.  Creating space to be fully present in the complex dance of life.  

An opportunity to be authentic, dare to be vulnerable and dive deeper into our capacity to connect.  Through this, we learn how to expand our awareness of those around us, the communities we interact with and the world at large.

We will gather for  the weekend with the support of the dance.  Aligning body, heart and mind to connect to our unique essence, discover our purpose, own our place in community and take responsibility for what we can.

We will be guided by a variety of Movement Medicine maps and Johanna Macys work that Reconnects.  Exploring the archetypes of the child, teenager, warrior, lover, father and elder.  We will also have time for personal reflection and to gather in smaller support groups.

Ben Yeger is a Drama Therapist and highly experienced group facilitator.  He has studied with Ya'Acov & Susannah Darling Khan since 2000 and intergrates the work of Joanna Macy into his facilitation.  Ben is the Director of Moving Conflicts working creatively to transform conflict.  He has many years experience or working with men and fathers.

see his TEDx talk here.

No prior dance or movement experience is required - simply your attention and willingness to turn up and be present in the moment.

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